Commerce Torquay is a not-for-profit based organisation dedicated to support and improve the local business economy.

Commerce Torquay is staunchly pro-business with its primary focus on the interests of businesses in the Torquay district. We strive for a strong, healthy and competitive local economy for all businesses and industries of all sizes operating within the broader Torquay area.

Commerce Torquay delivers a diverse range of services specifically designed to facilitate the growth of businesses in our region.

Our goal is to ensure through our member services we offer support, education and facilitation for those activities which our business in the Torquay area seek to become more competitive, create jobs and expand their business opportunities.

Our organisation has an important role to play on behalf of local business and we are constantly developing the role of being the “go to” organisation for information for our members which will support business, explore new directions and help individual business to increase its market share.

Commerce Torquay is led by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually from the membership of Torquay businesses. We are constantly striving to develop a strong and active organisation working on behalf of our members.

Our common goal is to share and work with local business – whether you are a business operator, a worker in a business or resident. You can join us to strengthen our local business community. Commerce Torquay is your link into local business and we invite you to connect with us and participate in our many activities which may be of commercial interest to you. Our strength as an organisation is in our numbers.