Commerce Torquay exists to advance, support and advocate business within the Torquay area and contribute to business development and practices which will result in business growth in our area.


To represent business in our community by providing:

  • Leadership for business in the community
  • Advocacy and support
  • Networking opportunities and business to business relationships and build partnerships
  • Training and funding opportunities for members
  • Make representation on relevant local issues which effect local business
  • Good governance and financial management



Membership Services

  • Maintain contact with members ensuring our membership services are relevant and valued by members.
  • Support ongoing business and professional development for business and individual staff within each member business.
  • Assist individual member businesses to address their concerns, seeking information or provide assistance where possible for growth of their business.
    Be a resource for membership.
  • Strongly represent and advocate on behalf of members. 


Networking & Events

  • Provide effective, innovative and sustainable networking opportunities.
  • Create and encourage networking opportunities which assist members to develop partnerships with other members to support business growth.
  • Undertake training and business development opportunities including funding from government or other opportunities.
  • Support business to business opportunities which provide exclusive discounts to members on key services (such as legal, financial etc.)


Communication & Promotion

  • Maintain the Commerce Torquay website and other social media platforms as the key contact point for members.
  • Opportunities through free promotion on the Commerce Torquay website and socials.
  • Support methods where member businesses can be included in local events.
  • Provide an e-newsletter on a regular basis.
  • Effectively communicate the role and direction of Commerce Torquay to members and the broader community.
  • Provide information on business trends, impacts on business from government decisions or other relevant information to better inform members.
  • Provide a list of relevant contacts for Torquay business.
  • Where appropriate, organise business briefings on possible impacts to the business community.


Advocacy & Representation

  • Provide an effective advocacy role to government at all levels, local politicians, government agencies or any other relevant individuals or organisations to communicate the position of business in the Torquay area.
  • Assist with seeking funding opportunities on behalf of members for training / education which will build members business capacity.
  • Guide and / or introduce individual business to pertinent agencies or organisations when seeking funds for development or opportunities for growth and/or marketing.


Governance & Financial

  • Provide strong leadership on behalf of Torquay business.
  • Ensure relevant activities identified through contact with members are addressed and / or implemented by the Board.
  • Continuously review strategic directions which are relevant to Torquay relating to current business and future planning.
  • Build membership and provide membership services.
  • Provide value for money for members.
  • Maintain and grow the revenue base of Commerce Torquay


General Initiatives

  • Undertake the preparation of appropriate written responses on behalf of members on broad issues effecting planning, business development, etc. which impact on business activities and/or business sustainability.
  • Develop appropriate products and services which can be provided to the Commerce Torquay members.